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Perverted guys making own hardcore fetish porn with girls on the streets, to have sex for money. A woman is offered money in exchange for "she has to say Yes to everything". Megapack of 15 scenes from extremestreets.com.

25k USD Challenge: We approached this hot Russian wifey while she was putting groceries into her family car. Me and Libor offered her 25k USD. Little did she know, that she would have hardcore sex for money in her own car later, literally making our own Russian porn. Girl, your husband will be proud of you! We challenged her with cash to accept “Yes” Challenge and she said Yes. This is Cheating porn, it's way past fetish sex, this is Extreme cash!

Russian porn: She grabs Libor’s cock and sucks it like a pro. It turns me on, this will be kinky porn. This blonde bitch is so hot even with potato salad on her head. This is a hardcore sex video, maybe the best fetish porn. I’m a chef from hell's kitchen making dirty porn with a cheating wife. The best of all is that she enjoys having sex for money. When she gave a blow job to a banana and salami at once, I had to fuck her in the ass with that banana in her ass and with salami into her juicy pussy… a Star was born

Bizzare sex for money: I had to pour milk over this dirty horny wife’s booty and head. It was like an art form which you hardly see on any porn website. Libor enjoys his blow job but she got paid 25k USD to let me do what I want too, this is a rough food fetish movie and I will enjoy this bizzare porn. I want to fuck her with everything from her shopping bag! Cucumber, sausage, banana. Libor fucks her with his hard dick like superman and a public train just went by. I must admit that yoghurt on her face suits her!

Happy Wife Happy Life: This Russian wife really enjoys her hard sex ride! Libor fucks her tight ass and I dig out some ketchup and jam, eggs and tomatoes. She went for my hand covered in jam and sucked it off all of my fingers. She is loving it bro! She really likes this rough sex. She is so noisy during hardcore anal that I notice people from far away driving around watching us. We need to hurry up before her Russian husband starts looking for her and that will be end of us, we will end up in Borscht. Enjoy your money Wifey…

Anything for Cash: I've got a brilliant idea for another extreme porn challenge. So, we went on the streets and at the first bus stop we spied a tattooed young brunette. We offered her $10k straight away, If she let us put her into a concrete box. This is going to be a BDSM dream. We didn't have to persuade this little bitch for very long, because she really wanted the money. Our building site didn't scare her either. She's a sharp cunt I guess, but she will let me do anything for cash. I'm looking forward to fucking her ass, she looks so good in those denim shorts I have a very dirty mind today and hard dick for her.

Embed in Concrete for 20k USD: The concrete has hardened and we can fuck her together, since she accepted 20K USD. Note for you, that we will enjoy it for that price. Matty starts to fuck her pretty hard from behind. Then we change and he pushes his dick into her bitchy mouth. A curious builder peeks out from a distance, so I invite him over to our extreme BDSM fetish event. The young man doesn't seem to like it, but he shoves his dick into the mouth of our concreted slut. Matty cums on her ass, and now he will fuck her in the ass. You wait for it.

Extremely Dirty Hole: Matty fucks little bitch embed in concrete and guess what?! She dropped a load out of her hole for him! This is an extreme fetish challenge. I couldn’t believe it. I showed it to her face. What a dirty bitch?! His dick was so messy from her anal, so he cleaned him up in her mouth. Man, she is really upset but who cares, when she got paid.

Selfish Whore: I spy with my horny eye fuckable Milf. If this bitch travels with a bag of groceries by public transport, she will definitely accept our challenge. Libor began to convince her of our advantageous offer. She was shy for a moment but then agreed. It's going to be a fucking ride, any bitch who agreed had fun with us. She admitted that with this money she will easily say goodbye to her husband. WTF? Such a selfish whore! Well, you will have to earn it.

Fucked with Salami: Libor pulled a large salami from her shopping bag. He fucked her pussy with it and then pushed it into her mouth, so she can taste her own pussy. He spits to her mouth and then pushes his dick deep into her throat. While I was watching out to see if people were walking around us, Libor poured cooking oil on her and fingered her pussy. Fuck me she has a big clit. When she was really greasy, we fucked her ass with the zucchini. That little milf is really extremely hot for this food fetish challenge.

Filthy Double Fuck: The holes are pliable so it's time for a proper hardcore anal. Horny Milf really likes Libor's cock in her ass. Libor threw her on the wall and fucked her with zucchini. I wanted to add my hand to the work, so I shoved a big salami into her pussy. Unbelievable how much the girl takes at once. Look with us into her bag and what we used to fuck the bitch in public.

Cone in the Ass: I just found a shovel, I think it will be a great challenge, if Libor fucks her with it, it will be an extreme. The wife which sold herself to us handled it and she really enjoys it, her husband will be surprised what a golddigger he has at home. Someone must have left a cone here and I know exactly what I'll do with it. It was easy enough to wave with a large amount of money in front of her face and she sat her ass on the cone. Libor finally cum over her wide-open ass hole while she sucked the cone and we left her there with a load of cash. Bye Bye bitch greetings to your husband.

IPhone in Vagina for 10k USD: Today Libor and I met a friendly post lady, she distributed leaflets in a small town. She revealed that her name was Lenka and that her salary was not worth it. Her pay is 8K CZK per month, that's really slavery. I offered her that if she took part in our challenge which is shoving her iPhone into her vagina, she would get 10k USD. She was not at all surprised by what we wanted from her, on the contrary, she wondered if we would give her money before or after. That's what I call a successful hunt. We entered the alley next to the abandoned house and she began to demand her rewards. Libor quickly agreed that he would give it to her, but if he had to give it a blowjob. And so it all began.

IPhone in Ass for 10k USD: To make sure no one saw us, we went into the garden and Libor tore her nylons, he turned her around and fucked her from behind. The milf has a prolapse of her pussy. I've recorded it all on my iPhone and then we shoved my cell phone into her pussy. She moaned incredibly with pleasure. But I wanted to see more. I offered her another $10K so we could shove it up her ass. She agreed. So look how this extreme challenge worked out for us.

10k USD Vaginal Prolapse: This is really amazing. The bitch has big holes that the iPhone fits in with no problem. With such a glory pussy, she could go to the Guinness Book of Records, and instead, she distributes leaflets here. A satisfied milf, fucked in all holes by a dick and an iPhone, leaves with 20k USD for her holidays. The mission was accomplished. She gives us a horny blowjob and we said goodbye. I'm already looking forward to another trip.

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