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Duna - Into My Life


DOG GIRL DUNA …returns for more naughty fun, what a great Lady. Attractive, intelligent – and so very hooked on that doggy loving. It’s Duna’s first private production – shot at home, in the more amateur style many of you love. Intimate moments, at home with the new boy.

All kinds of Ladies get into dogs, for all kinds of reasons. If there were a perfect set of reasons – an ideal motivation – the kind of enthusiasm we most enjoy working with, Duna would fit neatly into that space. As we read in Duna’s first movie, the Lady is tangibly attracted to dog sex. It’s not an act, it really turns her on. She responds receptively to a horny dog. She also has a fair idea of how much we Petfans love to see a lovely Lady supplying sexy satisfaction to said horny dog. Duna is performing for the dog, for us, and for her own private pleasure. The Lady ‘gets it’ – it’s basically being in love with dog sex. The pawprint body art Duna wears says it all – marking her body as dog territory. These motivations make for a really great Pet Girl.

Duna is so hooked on feeling dogs cum inside her, that she went out and got her own boy. Introducing Strawberry, a very lucky dog with a very pleasant future. He may not know it yet (though I’m sure he’s figuring it out fast), but his future is a long path paved with soft wet pussy, all for him to enjoy. What dog could ask for more?

Fate has thrown these 2 lovers together, Lady and dog. He’s a powerful stud, small in stature but with a lot of potential. He’s a young dog and it’s his first movie – he has not quite found his rhythm yet, but he’s giving it his best shot. Duna has some experience, and the Lady is helping him along. As with most dogs, once they experience how great a vagina feels, they want to learn as quickly as possible.

Starting with a walk in the snow – we proceed to the bedroom. The new boy has a lot of stamina. He’s keen and goes again and again. Session after session, mount after mount, he humps his way toward that first tie.

The first tie is a good length. What’s great about the pullout, is how little cum leaks out of Duna’s pussy. There’s a good chance the Lady came while tied, drawing the liquid up into her cervix. Duna’s vagina really does not want to let that dog jizz go. You know a Lady is really enjoying the dog when that happens, always a pleasure to see. In later sessions we get to see the cum leaking out, to give an idea of how much Strawberry can shoot.

If we thought Duna’s pussy was made for dogs, wait ’til you see the suck scene. The Lady owns that dog cock, working it expertly with those juicy lips and tantalizing tongue. Duna is making it perfectly clear that she is a Lady completely at ease with a dog cock. Showering that rocket with affection, drifting into a kind of divine dog cock bliss. Sucking, teasing, drinking – she sucks Strawberry until he’s completely spent, not really missing a drop. Don’t you love a Lady who can empty a dog so expertly?

A very nice first home movie from Team Duna, we look forward to seeing how things develop there. In the meantime, enjoy Duna getting to grips with a very horny Strawberry

Model: Duna
File: mp4
Size: 3300 MB
Duration: 00:39:11
Resolution: 1920x1080

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