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River - River Runs Deep


MORE HEALTHY …outdoor fun, this time with the yummy Portuguese Senorita, River. The Lady is wow indeed, very easy on the eye, with a bod that goes va-voom.

This young Lady really does have a sexceptional ass. Especially when she is twerking at Simba, enticing him to do her. Our Hero engages in a steamy love affair with River’s buns over 3 action-packed sessions.

More than simply looking good, River IS good. Dayum the Lady clicks with the dog – her positions are spot-on, no help needed, Simba slips perfectly into that sweet vagina. Knot and all, time and again. The couple is a great match – the powerful Beast and the curvaceous Beauty. River has a definite talent for dogfun, and it’s only her first time – the Lady is a natural.

The way River arches her hips into Simba’s tongue as he licks her, it’s safe to say the Lady is enjoying this new game. The dog fucking goes very well. The dog sucking? In session 1, River is a bit perplexed about popping that throbbing red rocket into her mouth. Still, cum session 2 River is more comfortable with the dog cock and sucks Simba very nicely. What Lady could deny a dog who’s ravished her so vigorously? 🙂

Lots of angles and scenes – some great views of Simba’s knot slipping deeply into River’s soft hot pussy. My word does that look good in her.

Another splash of Lady-pee in this movie – not too much, enough to put a smile on your face if you like it, enough to easily skip past if you don’t. I quite like it, and as we’ve discovered lately, Lady-pee is our new secret weapon for getting the best performance and maximum enthusiasm from a doggy – more on that later.

3 sessions in this movie – first session wearing her velvet dress, second session in fishnets, and third session completely nude, for the nude fans. Something for everyone, it really is an action-packed 3 sessions. Great work by River, great work by The Senor finding these delicious new Ladies for us – great work by Simba, for doing the Lady just right. Enjoy the lovely River’s first time

Scene: River Runs Deep
Models: River
File: mp4
Size: 1790 MB
Duration: 00:31:00
Resolution: 1920x1080

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