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WANDA - Gotta Ride


THE SENOR …has been busy recruiting lovely new Portuguese Ladies to get it on with his ruff stud Simba. Luckily, he runs into petite cute pants Wanda, out for an innocent bicycle ride. You know how it is when those endorphins kick in. The Lady has worked up a sweat, finds herself horny, and spots Simba – the burly beast with the big stiff prick. Just the ticket. Personally, I find it hard to resist a Lady sweaty from exercise, and I expect Simba feels the same.

Wanda wants to feel the dog inside her – but Simba is a bit distracted by all the interesting smells and scents at the location. Wanda responds by taking a little pee, doggy style, and laying down some scent of her own. That is all the encouragement Simba needs, and he is quickly thighs-deep in the Lady’s vagina.

Svelte Wanda dogs very nicely for a new Pet Lady, woman and hound click perfectly in a mating frenzy. Simba’s dog cock makes light work of the Lady’s sweet pink slit, and Wanda’s cute little vagina takes those big angry knots like a charm. My goodness, they look huge when they pull out of her petite pussy. That swollen red dog cock looks pretty huge in the Lady’s mouth, too.

There are at least 3 great ties in this movie – keep your eye out for the last one. What is great about that last knotting, is that Simba locks Wanda’s pussy up very tightly, and as he withdraws we can see that his knot has already shrunken down allowing him to slip out easily. With ‘Pop Shots’, big knot pullouts being popular in pet movies, it’s great to see a complete dog fuck, start to finish. It means that Wanda took ALL of Simba’s cum during that mating and very little leakage. Complete doggy satisfaction – what a nice Lady.

Wanda reminds me of Portuguese Pet Girl Pippa in a number of ways. Portugal is not a huge country, maybe her sister? Come to think of it, Pippa’s daughter would be about 22 now – wouldn’t that be interesting? 🙂

An action-packed movie – dog fucking over here, then over there, then again over there and there. Cast and crew cover a lot of ground, with some interesting locations and Wanda happily fucking and sucking Simba throughout. The Senor’s production quality has improved massively since his first movie with Donna, which is great to see. Picturesque views – something for outdoor dog sex fans, something for peeing fans – and of course, plenty for good hard dog fucking fans. Great job from our Portugal Team – get yourself a bad case of Wanda-lust and enjoy this movie

Scene: Gotta Ride
Models: WANDA
File: mp4
Size: 1960 MB
Duration: 00:27:44
Resolution: 1920x1080

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